UserInterviews in a box

User Interviews & Findings Evaluation in a box,
for Notion

A meticulously designed template to facilitate the structuring and evaluation of user interviews. This resource will serve as your steadfast companion throughout the interview process, offering a meticulously crafted framework that empowers you to effectively discover and analyse your findings.

So, what’s in the box?

Comprehensive frameworks carefully designed to streamline the setup of your interviews, structure your interview script, and apply the ICE prioritisation method to evaluate your findings with precision.

All sections include

ℹ️ Descriptions...

…that give you an overview of the importance of the section, so you can decide if you want to keep it or not in your brand book.

🛠️ To-dos...

…with instructions that explain what to write in order to correctly complete this section.


…where you need to fill in the blanks according to the instructions above to generate your content.

💡 Examples...

… to inspire you to better articulate your content, in case you get stuck.


This template is a result of extensive refinement, shaped by the collective experience of my team and me, garnered from conducting numerous user interviews across diverse product offerings, corporate landscapes, and industry sectors.

Easily script and conduct interviews

Evaluate your findings before deciding priorities

Gather in-dept insights

Validate your assumptions

Better understand pain points and competitive advantages

Conducting interviews has never been easier!