Cristian Hurhui

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Hey there!

I’m a designer who loves combing his experience in branding with his love for product design.

I believe that every digital product is an extension of a brand and should reflect its values, personality, and purpose. Therefore, my design process focuses on creating digital products that are not only visually stunning but also meaningful and purposeful.

I am also the creator of In a Box, a series of cheat sheets designed to simplify the work of professionals in branding and product strategy. Occasionally, I share pieces of my work here.

Noteworthy Projects

and case studies

Creative Director

@Fishtank Digital Branding // Bucharest, Romania

I led the design and product strategy for a diverse range of products, overseeing everything from in-house initiatives to client-driven projects.

-> Best Identity at Worlda 2012

->Best mobile game at Mobilio 2013

->Numerous features by Apple

Lead Designer

@Ridescout // Austin, TX

First design hire at the tech startup and part of the core product team, my responsibilities encompassed revitalizing the digital experience and enhancing the visual identity of the brand.

-> Acquired by Daimler

Lead Designer

@Mozio // San Francisco, SF (remote)

Leading a unique initiative of improving the UX to make the platform inclusive (visual impared and motion).

Leading the design across multiple platforms, for high level clients like Hertz, Air France, TUI.

Leading the design across multiple products during the catalogue expansion. 


Lead Designer and Product Strategy

@Enlighton // London, UK

I led the design of various media and formulated the product strategy for an innovative ordering platform centered around digital tables.

-> Best use of technology at Bar Tech 2018

-> Mastercard partener

Lead Designer

@Stacksi // San Francisco, SF (remote)

I was responsible for developing the design system and establishing the overall product aesthetics for this exceptional AI-powered startup.

-> Backed by Y Combinator

-> Acquired by Safebase

Product strategy facilitator and founder

@In a box

A templates store for speacialists in product strategy, product management and branding.

-> 4.9 /5 rating

More work

Samples from various projects

Childfy // Uber for children

Various icons

Word Links

Stacksi AI



Attiva // A platform for managing solar panel sites

Envio // Easy money transfers

Formi // Generate and manage documents

Group 4

Neon // Back of the house management for nightlife 

Velvet Dreams Home Décor // Furniture store