UserJourney in a box

User Journey Maps in a Box, for Notion

A meticulously crafted template, filled with frameworks and examples, tailored to help you to create comprehensive user journey maps with ease in  Notion.

So, what’s in the box?

A collection of ready-to-use templates and examples that will help you accelerate your workflow.


…where you need to fill in the blanks in order to generate user journeys.

ℹ️ Descriptions...

…that give you an overview of the content you need to add to make sure you always have the right guidance.

💡 Examples...

… to inspire you to better articulate your content, in case you get stuck.


This template was built to help you save time and collaborate seamlessly with your team by using our pre-built examples and customisable frameworks.

Learn how to create user journey maps.

Streamline your UX design process and ship faster with prebuilt templates.

Gain valuable insights and inhale the user experience.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team in Notion for faster and better results.

Creating user journey maps has never been easier!